A. Pushing the clutch in too far

   1. Think.   Tap to neutral,    vroom,   Tap to gear      (3 steps)

    Tap the clutch-----Shift to neutral

     Hit accelerator to 1500 rpms and let come down to 1000 rpms

     Tap the clutch and shift to the lower gear

   2. Imagine a balloon under the clutch. It will bend when the clutch is pushed in a           

       Little, and break when pushed in too far.

B. Not revving the engine the correct amount in neutral

    1. Practice the correct amount when parked

       a. Watch the tachometer and rev the engine to 1400 rpms several times

       b. Listen to what it sounds like

       c. Close your eyes and try matching the sound

C. Downshifting too fast or too slow

     1. Find the rhythm of Tap  Vroom  Tap

     2. Practice air downshifting. Sit with the truck parked and the engine running.

         Hold your hand above the gearshift and pretend to downshift  while actually using the clutch
          and   the accelerator.

D. Not slowing down to downshift

       1. USE THE BRAKE   Waiting for the truck to slow down on its own takes too long. Use the brake
             Slow down to around 1000 rpms, then downshift. Slowing down is part of the slowing down