We appreciate this review on the BBB website.

Dear CDL College,

BBB ReviewI have been to several truck driving schools which is elementary. Some truck driving schools will charge you an arm and a leg and your first born. They waste your time talking about their own experiences which will cause you to lose interest and self-motivation; bog you down with a lot of paperwork on Standard Knowledge Exams which you will forget within 30 days. They also charge you a large tuition plus want you to pay for a Drivers Hand Bag which requires 20 different items to buy for example; putty knife, grease gun (pistol grip), and bailing wire. 

CDL College is for the professional minded individual with hands on approach. CDL College won’t bog you down with unnecessary paperwork that could set you up for failure. Then you will have to pay an additional fee to repeat the course. Some of the truck driving schools I have interviewed with were all Caucasian. 

At CDL College, I met people from different countries such as Barbados, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Africa as well as Black and Caucasian. There are at least seven trainers who are diversified as well. 

The staff at CDL College are all on the same page which is about you succeeding in your career. 

You will have staff members like 

  • Gary Green who is the Operating Manager 
  • Mike White who is the Oil & Gas Manager 
  • Daryl who is the Pre-Trip Instructor 
  • Rob who trains in all aspect of trucking 
  • Brian who works in the front office 
  • Greg DeBaggis who introduced me to the owner, Eric Haney. 

When I met Eric, we sat in his office and started talking and realized he is a down to earth person. As we spoke, he informed me he was for the drivers and their safety. His whole staff reflects the same image. Eric informed me he was raised in the trucking industry. His father started their first trucking company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Eric took me around the whole campus so I can see exactly what they do at CDL College. Every student was occupied with either working in the computer lab at their own pace, or doing hands on pre-trip training for example; five students were in the docking area where a truck was disassembled so they could see the parts of what moves the brake assembly, the steering system components, plus in cab air brake procedures. Other students were practicing straight backing, offset backing, parallel backing, and dock backing. How many owners will take the time out of their day to show you what they do? 

You may think this will cost you an arm and a leg and your first born. But, CDL College has different plans for you that will make it affordable. At CDL College, you are going to be driving in new trucks; automatic, 10 speed, real school buses, and real delivery trucks. Whatever driving professions you will be working in, they have the equipment for you to succeed in that field. The whole staff is dedicated for you to succeed and excel in being a safe, professional driver. 

Jay Hill  
Professional long-haul driver 
Currently attending CDL College, refresher course.