So, I am on my daily drive and I am watching the vehicle in front of me. It is making random lane changes from one side of the three lane road to the other. There is no warning or indication of this-just a sudden jump from one lane to another, sometimes more than one lane at a time. Racing up. Moving over. Dropping back. Cutting across. Racing up. It looks like a different version of Frogger. In this game though, you don't try to cross the road. The objective here seems to be getting around as many obstacles as possible in the shortest amount of time. I am hoping that they have enough tokens or quarters to get to their destination. They must get energy points for every car they pass, tail gate or cut off. This seems to be their goal because they have done that to dozens of vehicles along the way.

It's a 40 MPH posted road, but this vehicle has the extra power it has collected on the drive to go at least 60 in some areas. I am guessing they are after those energy stashes before anyone else gets to them. Oh, and those traffic lights? Merely a suggestion to this person. I watch them run several that have no cameras watching them. I am assuming that this is okay to do if you are convinced that no one sees you, because this vehicle is running all of them. The challenge is to get more of those energy stashes and the red lights must be worth more points. I am learning the rules of this new game.

 Apparently the closer you ride to another vehicles bumper you get more points as well, because this person is almost attached to the vehicle in front of them. And if you get another person to beep their horn in anger-more credits. Then you use your hand showing just one finger to indicate that you just scored another point.

Now if you want the game to get even more interesting, you try to get others to join the game with you. It appears to be working, because I am seeing more vehicles playing now. They must have put their tokens in the slot that reads more than one player.  

I am learning more and more about this game on my daily commute. It looks interesting. Hopefully they will come out with a home version soon because playing it out on the public roads looks too intense and dangerous to me.