Every once in awhile someone asks how to obtain a CDL if they have vision problems. It is possible to get a CDL with a vision waiver from the Colorado State Patrol. The first step is to obtain the paperwork. Here is a link to the files. Colorado State Patrol Vision Waiver This paperwork will accompany your DOT Medical card. Take these documents to DMV. They will allow you to take the written test at motor vehicle. You will obtain your CDL instruction permit from DMV.

Here are the steps for you.

Vision Waiver Steps
1. Medical Card. More information about the DOT Medical Card

2. Waiver papers from State Patrol-State Patrol Waiver Forms

3. Employer Authorization-The State Patrol Vision Waiver requires that you notify the State Patrol when you obtain your first job and any subsequent job. (included in link above)

4. Take Vision Waiver papers to doctor. (included in link above)

5. Take Vision Waiver papers and Employer Authorization to State Patrol office. Obtain waiver.

6. Take Medical Card and Vision Waiver papers to Motor Vehicle and take the written test for the CDL to obtain CDL Instruction Permit.

7. Attend CDL College.

8. Pass CDL Skills Test at CDL College and deliver CDL Road Test Certificate to Motor Vehicle. This step will give you a CDL License.

9. Find a job. Notify Colorado State Patrol of your new job.