This infographic from CDL College demonstrates the Straight Line Backing Maneuver. 

You may be tested on this maneuver during the backing portion of the CDL Skiils test. We have demonstrated the  different angles and provided notations to help a truck driver perfect the Straight Line Backing during the CDL driving test.
CDL Test Straight Line Backing

Your truck backing skills could be tested using one or more of the following exercises during your CDL Skills road test:

  • Forward stop, Straight line backing
  • Offset back right
  • Offset back left
  • Parallel park driver side
  • Parallel park conventional
  • Alley dock

You may download the CDL Test Straight Line Backing Infographic here.

The dimensions of the CDL Skills Test Alley Dock are:

  • 100' Long
  • 12' Wide
  • 2' Stop Box