I am now 58 years old And I am driving cross Country for us x-press.     I was on disability for Years due to having both Hips and both knees replaced, also had spurs removed From my shoulders.     I wanted to travel but Being on disability does not Give you a lot of money For that.     I did  volunteer work for The American Red Cross for A few years and loved it,I even went to a few disasters To help out.     But that did not help pay The bills. One day I was Reading a news paper and Saw an add on getting Your cdl for free because Stimulus money would Pay for it.   I went to CDL College and after the training I ended up going to cr England, I am now A driver  For US Express.I pick up all my loads in Golden, CO and deliver all over The west to mid west, I am Only drop and hook and That is all right by me.     Don't let your medical History stop you, if you have High blood pressure and If it is control with meds thats ok with most company's They are worried by heart Problems and diabetic problems     They want you to be able To get in back of trailers to Secure the loads (I used to carry A step ladder with me but Now I can do it without one)     You do not need to know Anything about engines but You do need to know How to check the fluids and Other things twice a day But CDL College will teach You.     I love my job I have Seen more of this country In the last three years then I did in the first fifty five years And I am loving it. 

PS:I for got to mention I am Female in my story and that My employer has no problem With me having my joints Replaced. I have been with Us Xpress for two years And I have not called in sick At all.     I am home every weekend With this company .

Darlene-Graduate of CDL College

Thanks Darlene for your story and thanks for being a customer of CDL College, we believe in the value of a CDL License, we are so pleased to hear that you are so happy with your choices. And thanks for your volunteer work with the American Red Cross-MikeE